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From: Irma    To: Playa Brasilito    Date: 01.07.12    Time: 08:00 (Departure)




Transport Company


1.Irma map cr Sa, 06/30 dep.


Transp. La Pampa

Bus: duration: 3:05h
Playa Brasilito map cr arr.



2.Irma map cr Su, 07/01 dep.


Transp. La Pampa

Bus: duration: 3:05h
Playa Brasilito map cr arr.



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Costa Rica, restaurant, hostel, hotel, herberge, bett, bed, bed and breakfast, breakfast, desayuno, destino, viaje, voyage, journey, frühstück, reise, reiseagentur, travel agency, Hotel Islands B+B, situated in the heart of the city at only 5 minutes from the international airport at the foot of the volcano. hotel is situated and centric but quiet street just meters away from the principal attractions of this city in Costa Rica. B+B. The restaurant has a great variety of national and international specialties Costa Rica. the travel agency offers a widely spectrum of tours from a half day up to a week to numerous places in the mountains and on the coast of Costa Rica, to the wild life and to the cultural high lights. Wake up later in the morning and enjoy a Costa Rican breakfast as today's tour does not start until 2pm. You will be hiking around the National Park at the foot of the Arenal Volcano where your guide will point out all the flora and fauna of the area as well as give you the history of the volcano. After the hike you will want to rest your legs, what better way to do this than in the thermally heated hotsprings of the volcano. Also included is your evening meal at the Tabacon Hotsprings.